A Night's Tale

Our seasonal story inspired by Chaucer’s ‘The Knight’s Tale’, is set on a winter’s night, beneath the moon where our furry & feathered friends gather to tell secrets of nature’s wonder.

A Night’s Tale
A celestial moon lights up the woodland. A young vixen and doe look to one another in a kinship of awed feeling.

An enchanted union. Bound by their feminine powers and secrets of nature’s wonder. The imagination of their hearts take form, rhythmically beating to the drum of the woodpeckers.

The joyful song of robins and magpies call to the rest of the woodland creatures to gather for a magical Night’s Tale.

We have cast a sweet spell of magic adding a pinch of dark academia, moorishly mixed with our usual musings of tales of the British Countryside, with a whimsy nod to classic literature.

The collection beholds a rich and playful narrative illustrated for prints and embroideries. Timeless scenes of nature set a whimsical spin on a classic tale to amuse and delight.

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