Autumnal Apple Collection

Storytelling is sewn into the fabric of our brand, from the original creative brief; inspiring prints and embroideries, to the photographic art direction creating campaigns to reflect each story told.  

Our narrative print Nocturnal Garden for Fable’s Autumnal Apple Collection sets the scene in an orchard by night, where the fruit has ripened and fallen from the trees amongst tumbling blooms, ripe pumpkins and wild mushrooms. The hidden beauty is scattered all around for the nocturnal creatures to enjoy nature’s bountiful harvest. 

The illustrative scene created for Fable’s narrative spin on a literary classic; Shakespeare's most famous Sonnet 73, where he addresses ‘Fair youth’ with the focus of growing old, metaphorically depicting autumn and winter. It's a beautiful piece and fits perfectly with the hero print story.  

We were inspired to create a tale of two friends, Fox & Badger, where once in their youth were at battle, then a friendship blossomed through life's trials and victories, and the unlikely pair become dear friends, growing old and wise together.  

The scene is set in an orchard where apple trees have shorn their fruit near a pumpkin patch. The apple represents truth and wisdom.  

We felt this tale fitting for the tragedies humankind faces today. The friends in our story were once enemies and, in their wisdom, found peace and love. The moral of our tale is one of solidarity, learning to share and live together in harmony. 

Apples are the primary focus of Fable England’s first sustainable luxury capsule collection. Each seasonal story created has a meaning, and for this collection with a resounding undertone of learning and wisdom, of which the humble apple is symbolic. 


A Sonnet of Friendship  

Behold the time of year where footprints first emerge,  

then vanish on the silvered forest floor. 

Moonlight bounces from rosy apple lanterns, until pawprints show the way.  

Fascinated by glittering, frost enhanced fronds,  

the clearing comes alive where once, Fox gambolled in his youth. 

Badger awaits his oldest friend,  

gently snuffling the gifts of nature which surround him. 

Once at battle, now their bond blossomed ripe and fruitful as the apple tree.  

Sharing sweet feasts of victory and heartfelt woes, 

treasured kin loved and lost, yet never forgotten.
The sun has set in the west, but each sees the fire of youth in the others old, wise eyes.
The time of year reflected in their gaze. It is the twilight of the short, chill day.  

Patience has its rewards; time to root out this long-awaited treasure. 

And so begins their celebration, the feast of fallen fruit where love grows evermore.  

For this collection our focus was not only to surpass our existing design, but most importantly, to improve our materials and processes that tie in with our narrative of nature and the love of all creatures.  

Apple leather is a bio-based material made using the leftover pulp from the fruit juice and compote industry. Our apple leather is created from 65% apple pulp bound with recycled Polyurethane. 

Nightwear is expertly crafted from lyocell, a sustainable fabric made from wood pulp that is kind to sensitive skin. Lyocell's breathable fibres with cooling properties ensures every comfort for a good night’s sleep. Our pyjama sets offer sharp tailoring, finished with French seams and gold trims for the ultimate luxurious finish.