Small But Mighty: Small Business Saturday

Fable England was created from a love of all creatures great and small.
Using traditional methods of hand painted enamel jewellery and handcrafted handbags are true artisan skills. By acknowledging the old ways with considerate design, we create timeless treasures that are purposed to last.
Our aim is to produce small, only making what we anticipate selling; keeping our production tight is financially challenging, but we’re committed to reducing waste and doing our best not to become just another fashion brand contributing to landfill.
The challenge of being a small business, especially in the realm of fashion, is competing with the high-street giants who can afford to mass produce and sell for a low price, with little thought on quality and how long each piece will survive after it’s left the store.  
The Fable team are as passionate about nature as we are about design and craft.
Producing sustainably, ethically and beautifully is our mantra. As such, we cherry picked an incredible factory, which is also a small business, owned and managed by a talented bunch of ladies in China, who help us make our bags, scarves and accessories.
Since we launched the business in 2019, we have been busy working hard to make our little brand shine amongst the competition by not only creating a premium product, but also giving our customers a luxury service from the moment they pop online to shop our nature inspired goodies, to opening their sweet little packages, which are intended to fill them with joy.
We want to show appreciation to some of our peers this Small Business Saturday, other brands that share similar values and ethos to us with wonderful products we personally adore. A gentle reminder to spend your money thoughtfully this Christmas.
Martha Brook - Beautiful stationery with joyful, uplifting messaging.
Roots Wellness - Carefully created and curated wellness products to help aid mindfulness.
Catherine Rowe Designs - Luxurious meets playful - beautiful prints applied to homewares and accessories.
Pumpkin Productivity - Planning essentials for the academic in your life.
Yvonne Ellen - Quirky and unique home and giftware.
Jessica Roux - Truly magical illustrations applied to a range of giftable products.
Honeywell Bakes - Scrumptious bakes that almost look too good to eat!
Gin Bothy - The most delicious hand-crafted flavoured gins we might ever have tried! Made in Scotland using ingredients foraged locally.
Profumo - Luxury handmade soy wax candles in the most delightful scents.
British Honey Co. - A lovely range of products, including delicious tipples, made with honey from British Bees.